In order to win work, you have to tailor your proposals to the client. But how do you know what the client wants to hear? You have to get in front of them and get to know them.

It's like dating... have you ever been on a date with someone who talks about themselves so much that they never ask you a thing? Not likely that they'll get a second date. Treat your potential clients like you're trying to get a second date with them.

Don't go in bragging about yourself and your company. Don't spend the whole meeting talking about your projects and skills. Ask them about themselves. Learn about their needs. Find out what projects are coming up, and what issues they foresee with these projects. Determine what their biggest issues are, and what solutions they have tried previously.

And then? You put the answers to their challenges in your proposal. Let them know that you were paying attention and that you are the right consultant for them. 

Your proposal will stand out as being well-researched, tailored to them, and full of great ideas. That's a winning proposal!

Karen Morgan, PE (TX)

Karen Morgan, PE (TX)

Owner, Lead Strategist and Trainer

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