Most websites fail because they are lacking one of four things (sometimes all four):

1. They lack eye-catching design. 

Too many websites are built with generic themes that are either dated or just don't look good. As a result, a browser will take a quick look and because it looks ugly, make a judgment about the business (sometimes unfairly) and move on to a competitors site.

2. They lack words that compel people to action.

The problem with just "having a website" is that everyone has a website these days. When businesses do not pay attention to the actual words they have on their website, they often confuse a prospective client or they simply do not compel them to take action.

3. They go invisible on Google.

Having a website that is beautiful and captures the attention of visitors is great - but if it doesn't speak to Google as well and get recognized for the keywords people are searching for, the business is invisible online. 

4. Making edits is tough and slow.

Whether you get slowed down by confusing software or held hostage by your developer, most business owners get fed up with how difficult it is to make changes that they give up creating content on their site.

Any combination of the above four problems results in a website that does not work, was a total waste of time and is costing the business a ton of money in lost sales. 

Here's what we do to solve this problem. 

We empower people to create websites that combine the best tools we have available in the digital world today. We help you create a site that looks great, speaks clearly, and ranks well on Google.

1. Beautiful Design

Our sites look great on Desktops and Mobile. We combine compelling images, colours, fonts and a proven structure that help our clients stand out.

2. Clear Messaging

Words are so critical on a website. After a brand messaging session, we write all the words on your site so that it speaks clearly to your ideal client, showing them how you can solve their problem and help them win their story (we go over all this in the session).

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We know how to talk to Google. We use the best SEO tools and do the research to find out what people are searching in your area so that Google puts you on top of the ranking. Our clients love watching their site climb higher and higher in Google's ranking.

4. Easy to Use

In order to feel ownership of a site, you have to feel like you could make whatever changes you want. For too long people have known that they should be able to make simple changes to a website but never had the opportunity. Now they do. Our platform was designed not for coders to use but receptionists...and anyone really. 

Want To Get A Site Started?

If you are interested in seeing what our sites can do, do not hesitate to set up a demonstration of our platform in action. We want you to know exactly what can be done and the process of getting there.


Karen Morgan, PE (TX)

Karen Morgan, PE (TX)

Owner, Lead Strategist and Trainer

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