Have you ever been assigned to write or review part of a proposal, but can't figure out what file to work in? It's a common issue that has an easy solution... version control.

What does version control look like? First, you start with file naming conventions. Your file names should be intuitive, simple, and easy to replicate.

If you saw this list of files in a folder, could you tell the story of what happened?







Breaking it down by each portion of the file name, here's the story...

  • NOLA: it's a proposal for the City of New Orleans
  • PMP: this section is the Project Management Plan
  • 1.x-Final: the version of the document
  • Name: the person who created that version
    • Katy created the first version of the document, and Karen, Sarah, and Katy all reviewed it and made revisions.
  • Date: the date they finalized that version

This way it's easy to see what has happened before you got into the document - especially when everyone turns on track changes!

Karen Morgan, PE (TX)

Karen Morgan, PE (TX)

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